Tools & Insights from AVT’s Strategy Course

Stategi & ledelse webinar

LIVE Webinar - 29th June at 09:00-10:00

In year 2000 some of the world’s most prestigious and biggest firms were: General Motors, Wal-Mart, Exxon Mobil, Citigroup and Enron. But no industry stands still, and other firms are now more prestigious and worth far more than those companies in 2000.

How is the situation in our organization? Are you experiencing tighter profit margins, rising costs, stagnant or declining sales? Or are your perhaps facing rising market share battles?
Perhaps you need a fresh look at how you might expand your horizons and shift your understanding of where opportunities resides? In this webinar, Director and Executive Dean, Jesper Nytoft Bergmann will share some frameworks from the MBA Strategy Course at AVT Business School.

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