Webinar: Communicating in a Crisis

Communicating in a Crisis:
Webinar with Simon Lancaster
(Was sent LIVE from UK Friday 20th March)

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Coronavirus has plunged the world into an era of unprecedented anxiety and uncertainty. People are fearful for themselves and their loved ones.

Leaders have a duty to communicate carefully in these circumstances, providing a balance between reassurance and reaction, speaking with calm, conviction and clarity.

In this 30 minute webinar, Simon Lancaster set out some principles of effective crisis communication, examining how leaders in business and politics have responded over the last few weeks to the Coronavirus crisis, examining what has worked and what hasn’t.

This will give you reflections to consider your own communication, and whether there is more you could do to protect your employees in mind, body and soul at this difficult time.

Who is Simon Lancaster?

Simon is one of the world’s top speechwriters. He first became a speechwriter in the late 1990s writing for members of Tony Blair’s Cabinet. He has since written speeches for the CEOs of many of the biggest companies in the world including Unilever, HSBC, Intercontinental Hotels, Rio Tinto, Nokia and Nestle. He is author of the best-selling books Speechwriting: The Expert Guide and Winning Minds: Secrets from the Language of Leadership. Simon is furthermore a visiting lecturer at Cambridge University and appears regularly on BBC News.

On top of this he teaches the course “The Language of Leadership” on AVT’s Executive CBA/MBA programme.

Get a feel for Simon in this TEDx Talk “How to speak like a leader”: https://youtu.be/bGBamfWasNQ

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