CBA – Digital, Leadership & Transformation

CBA - Digital, Leadership & Transformation

CBA is the recognized alternative or
pathway to MBA

Location & When to Start

– Copenhagen or via LIVE streaming, if you cannot make it
– Starts in January


– 8 months, but option to take breaks
– Only 2 days away from the office every 5 week

Fee & Financing

– DKK 114.500 + VAT
– How to finance your program

Elevate Your Career with AVT’s
CBA - Digital, Leadership & Transformation

CBA – Digital, Leadership & Transformation program at AVT Business School is a pivotal part of our MBA, meticulously designed to equip executives with the acumen to lead in the digital era. This course offers a profound exploration of customer-centric marketing strategies, the strategic deployment of AI, and advanced digital transformation techniques. Participants will not only master the art of utilizing transformative technologies for competitive advantage but also enhance their leadership and negotiation skills, crucial for steering innovative changes and fostering collaborative, high-performance teams in any dynamic business environment. This program ensures that executives are adept at integrating cutting-edge technologies and management practices to drive substantial value creation and achieve significant organizational objectives.

World-Class Faculty Driving Innovation and Strategic Thought

Taught by distinguished faculty sourced from the globe’s most esteemed business schools, our CBA program integrates real-world insights with academic excellence. Our educators are thought leaders who have their fingers on the pulse of global business trends, offering a rare blend of theoretical and practical perspectives.

A Pathway to Excellence: From CBA to MBA
This program not only equips you with immediate, hands-on expertise but also paves the way for further educational pursuits, such as an MBA. It presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals to thrive and expand their professional horizons.

Optagelseskriterier på en MBA uddannelse


Mastery of Digital Transformation Strategies

Graduates of the CBA – Digital, Leadership & Growth program will possess a deep understanding of how to craft and implement digital strategies that leverage AI and customer-centric marketing. This knowledge enables them to enhance business operations and competitiveness in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace.


Advanced Leadership in a Digital Context

Participants will develop essential leadership skills tailored for the digital age, focusing on managing change, stimulating innovation, and leading diverse teams towards achieving strategic objectives. These skills are critical for fostering an environment of continuous improvement and adaptability within their organizations.


Enhanced Negotiation and Communication Skills

The program equips executives with the ability to master negotiation techniques and refine their communication styles to suit different contexts and stakeholder groups. This proficiency ensures effective leadership, capable of navigating complex negotiations and driving consensus among varied parties in the digital business landscape.

"Best faculty and flexible opportunities to study the CBA" (in English)

Executive Students addresses why they have decided to join the AVT CBA> MBA (in English)

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“Best faculty and flexible opportunities to study the Executive MBA” (in Danish)

“My advice to others – get started” (in English)

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Discover Excellence at AVT Business School (in English)

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Faculty Insights on Our Executive Students (in English)

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Who are we looking for?

At AVT, we take pride in our diverse student body, which comprises professionals from varied business backgrounds and industries, and those with international experience. The leadership focus of our program plays a crucial role in fostering well-rounded individuals who are reflective in their practice and not just generic managers.

Listen to Faculty Insights on Our Executive Students in the video.

World-Class Faculty at AVT Business School

The quality of an educational institution is profoundly influenced by the caliber of its faculty. At AVT Business School, we pride ourselves on a faculty comprising some of the most esteemed and accomplished educators in the world. Drawn from globally renowned institutions such as Harvard, INSEAD, MIT, and London Business School, our faculty members are not just teachers, but industry leaders, pioneering researchers, and influential thinkers. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to AVT, offering you a learning experience that is truly world-class.

Join us at AVT, where your education will be in the hands of some of the best minds in the business world, and where your journey towards excellence is our primary mission.

Meet your Program Director: Jesper Nytoft Bergmann

Personal and professional growth often requires embracing the unknown. At AVT Business School, we guide you through this journey with world-class education and support.

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