Purpose, People & Performance

CBA - Purpose, People & Performance


Purpose generates motivation. Motivation generates performance!
A constantly changing business world constantly places new demands on how you as a leader create value and results in your business. This Executive CBA program prepares you to ‘align’ Purpose, People & Performance in your business context. The CBA program runs over 8 months with hand-picked Faculty from some of the world’s best business schools.
Tuition fee: 114.500 DKK + VAT.


Leaders understand the power and importance of telling their stakeholders compelling stories. They are hard-edged business leaders, but they also embrace what others might consider to be the “soft side” of leading: purpose, vision, and responsibility. They know how to integrate the hard and soft sides of leadership into a powerful formula that makes them inspirational. These leaders and their organizations are purpose-driven, performance-oriented, and principles-led. Welcome to the Executive CBA – Purpose, People & Performance.

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6 Courses

The Executive CBA consists of 6 courses; The Language of Leadership, Leading People & Organization, Ethics & Sustainability in Business, Financial Management, Dynamic Work Design and Purpose-Driven Leadership

13 Days

Each course is taught over two/three days with a total of 13 workshop days during 8 months with a faculty from elite business schools

Harvard Cases

All courses are practical oriented. You will practice parts of your learnings through Harvard Cases and assignments written for your own organization

World Class Professors

You will be taught by experts and professors from the world's leading business schools as London Business School, MIT and Berkeley.

Get a Certificate

Completing the Executive CBA program offers a total of 24 ECTS-points and you will get a CBA Certificate.


The executive CBA is an independent program. Furthermore, you will get merit to continue at AVT's Executive MBA if you should aspire for future personal growth.

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