Corporate Programs – Life Sciences Industry

AVT Life Sciences

Supporting client growth in life sciences through top-tier business and leadership competence development.

What we do

We design and deliver programs that target talents, executives or the organization as such.

Cascade Programs

Large-scale learning and development initiatives that reach executives and managers at several levels. Content is aligned and methods adapted for cost-efficiency and reach across target groups.


Faculty-lead or blended learning programs for talents that have to carry the future business development of the organization. Intense programs with in-depth application to real-life business development cases.

Senior Execitives

Faculty-led in-person or live-on-line experiences for senior executives, designed to address key organizational business challenges.

Division Programs

Programs can be tailored to the specific needs of a division across the life sciences company value chain. Whether R&D, product supply, marketing & sales, or HQ support functions.

How we do it

For impact, executive education are client and industry relevant, have quality of input, and organizational application.

Sector and Client Specific

For relevance, a program is tailored to the position of the client within the life sciences industry, that being in pharma, biotech, medtech, or medical devices.

World Class Life Sciences Business Professors

For quality, a client program is taught by top-tier business professors from schools like Harvard, Kellogg, Stanford, INSEAD, and Kingston London, alongside global industry thought leaders.

Practical Application

For impact, a client program translate learnings into real-world projects and business cases for further pursuit.

Designing a client program for

relevance, quality and application

Quality - Learn from the Best

To achieve global best practices, program delivery is led by faculty from some of the world’s premier business schools, with life sciences expertise and industry experience. They also serve as consultants for leading players, ensuring cutting-edge insight in to applied best practices.

Alongside professors we also bring in industry thought leaders experts. The breadth of contributors leads to a blend of best-practice tools and insights into the latest trends in the life sciences industry.

Life Sciences References and Resources

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“Pursuing a commercial education has given me a very solid foundation and taught me systematic approaches to deal with and difficult leadership situations”

Kashifa Wichmann, VP at Ferring Pharmaceuticals 

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“MBA expanded my view as a scientist, for instance applying tools on innovation” (in Danish)

Kristine Færch, Director at Novo Nordisk

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“It just gives it great value to be taught by some of the world’s most talented professors within their specific fields." Kristine Færch, Diector at Novo Nordisk

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"The most important criteria of selection were AVT faculty that are from educational institutions in the world", Gael Bernard, CCO at Xellia Pharmaceuticals

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Educating your STEM’s commercially for company success. By AVT MBA and Life Science Director

A overview over which podcast guest. Lady with brown shirt hair smiling to the camera

Product Launch Excellence in Life Sciences by IQVIA Thought Leader Sarah Rickwood

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Going to market in the Life Sciences Market with Professor Tim Calkins

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