Executive MBA


The AVT Executive MBA (EMBA) is a pioneering, internationally focused program crafted for seasoned professionals. Our objective is to enhance your leadership acumen, strategic thinking, and decision-making abilities, thereby driving growth and success in a dynamic global business environment. The price for our Executive MBA program is
397,500 DKK + VAT.

Distinctive Program Highlights

World-Class Faculty

Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our accomplished faculty, who bring leading-edge insights from both academia and the global business field.

Global and Sustainable Leadership

Our curriculum is centered around a comprehensive, globally oriented approach to leadership that emphasizes sustainability and ethical decision-making.

Flexible Schedule

We offer a flexible learning framework, designed to fit around your professional commitments, enabling you to continue your career progression while acquiring new skills.

Practical Application

Our curriculum emphasizes real-world scenarios, offering immediate value to your professional environment. Master skills directly applicable to your current organization.

Building a Network of Ambitious Professionals

Our EMBA students are driven, internationally focused, and eager to continuously develop themselves. They seek an intensive study experience that broadens their personal and professional networks and propels them to explore fresh opportunities. With individual attention and an intensive campus environment, our program satisfies the need for a learning experience that stimulates social, academic, and managerial skills.

Our EMBA program enables you to step out of your comfort zones, expose yourself to a myriad of cultures through the program’s global content and international faculty, and even offers an optional study trip to South Africa. You will develop management capabilities that empower, inspire, and help build strong professional relationships.

Transform Your Professional Journey and Personal Growth

AVT EMBA Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, you will be able to:

Pioneering Innovation

The AVT EMBA degree stands at the forefront of innovation, encompassing contemporary topics such as Artificial Intelligence in Business, Digital Strategy, and Leading Digital Transformation. An intensive focus on leadership through individually tailored courses further augments the program's innovative design.

Diverse Cohort and Personal Development

At AVT, we take pride in our diverse student body, which comprises professionals from varied business backgrounds and industries, and those with international experience. The leadership focus of our program plays a crucial role in fostering well-rounded individuals who are reflective in their practice and not just generic managers.

Flexible Study Duration

Our Executive MBA program can be completed in 24 months, with flexibility to take a break between each part of the EMBA. Students can also opt for an interim CBA certificate if they choose not to complete the full EMBA program.

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