MBA Single Courses

MBA Single Courses: Tailored Learning for Focused Growth

2 Months // 2 Class Days // 4.5 ECTS Points // DKK 26.500 + VAT


Expand your expertise with Single Courses

Each of our MBA Single Courses delves deep into a particular subject area, providing intensive knowledge and practical insights that can be directly applied to your career. Taught by our esteemed international faculty, these courses embody the rigorous academic standards and real-world relevance that AVT is known for.


A curriculum that meets executive schedules

We understand the time constraints that come with executive responsibilities. Therefore, our single courses are structured to fit into your busy calendar, offering the perfect blend of convenience and comprehensiveness. Whether you are looking to brush up on the latest in digital transformation, delve into strategic leadership, or explore innovative financial strategies, our courses are timed and designed for minimal disruption and maximum impact.


Certification and credits towards your future

Upon completion of each course, you will receive a certificate of participation, along with the option to accumulate credits towards our Executive MBA, should you choose to pursue the full program in the future. This provides a path for continuous advancement, credentialing your learning journey every step of the way.