Dynamic Work Design

Don Kieffer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


7-8 October 2024
08.30 am - 5 pm


2 months

ECTS points

4.5 ECTS points


Senior Lecturer in Operations Management at MIT, Sloan School of Management, Don Kieffer


Sankt Annæ pl. 11, 1250 København

Tuition Fee

DKK 26.500 exclusive of VAT

About the Course

Contrary to most improvement philosophies, Dynamic Work Design is as effective in highly creative, unique work as it is in routine, high volume work, at the front line and in the executive suite. These techniques have proven successful in every industry and at every scale; many times delivering huge results with little to no investment and in short periods of time.
Dynamic Work Design is concerned with the creation and distribution of products and services to satisfy the customers. Clearly, this is the key for the existence of any organization. Fundamentally, the course is all about management of business processes defined as a group of activities that create value for customers i.e., to provide the right products of the right quality at the right time at the right cost for the right customer.

Learning Objectives

  • The key principles and practices of Dynamic Work Design and the theoretical basis in relation to Lean, 6-Sigma and other popular improvement methodologies
  • To provide organizations with an opportunity to identify, analyze, and resolve typical problems which arise in managing operations and the supply chain
  • To learn about visual management techniques

Don Kieffer

Senior Lecturer in Operations Management, MIT, Sloan School of Management, Boston, USA
Donald Kieffer is a Senior Lecturer in Operations Management at MIT and a Managing Partner at the Milwaukee Consulting Group, where he is implementing sustainable improvements through executive coaching.
He was Vice President at Harley-Davidson for 15 years and Senior Vice President at Intermatic. He is an expert in Toyota methods, particularly at the leadership level and advises on large-scale improvement campaigns and specific projects. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.
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Case Materials

The course material consists of a textbook, case studies and articles.


Students are required to attend all classes and to participate actively.


Students are required to read all course material in advance.


Students will be graded on attendance and participation in class and on an individual paper.

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