Professor Susan Lynch, INSEAD


26-27 September 2024
8.30 am - 5 pm


2 months

ECTS points

4.5 ECTS points


Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, Susan Lynch


Sankt Annæ pl. 11, 1250 København

Tuition Fee

DKK 26.500 exclusive of VAT

About the Course

Why are some companies more successful than others? What does strategy have to do with it? Answering these questions are critical for leaders who wish to drive and partner in strategic decision making and execution in their organizations.

This course is designed to develop your strategic thinking skills to enable you to better evaluate, design, and implement strategy. 

We will introduce strategy tools and concepts and apply these to both leading companies and to a real business situation you (or potentially your clients or customers) are facing.  

The cases and contexts we explore will allow us to consider both the dynamic and global aspects of strategic management.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the internal and external factors in order to develop and execute a corporate strategy

  • Think strategically, analyze the competitive environment and recommend corporate positioning

  • Identify target opportunities and execution challenges in own organization

Susan Lynch

Professor of Strategy, INSEAD

Susan Lynch is Professor of Strategy at INSEAD and is based in Boston. She is an expert in the areas of strategy formulation and execution and has a PhD from London Business School.

She teaches courses and leads programs in strategy and strategy implementation for MBAs and executives and has experience in leading and designing programs that target the strategy development needs of different Fortune 500 organizations. Since moving to Boston, Susan spent two years as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School.

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Case Materials

The course material consists of a textbook, case studies and articles.


Students are required to attend all classes and to participate actively.


Students are required to read all course material in advance.


Students will be graded on attendance and participation in class and on an individual paper.

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