AVT Executive MBA
Internationalt accredited program
With professors from the best schools worldwide
"Be courageous. Make bold choices
and stick to them."
Commencement Speech // Graduation Ceremony 2019
Jeff Gravenhorst // Group CEO, ISS
Study the MBA in one go or in small steps
Why not Learn from the Best?
Meet professors from fx Harvard,
MIT & London Business School
Susan Lynch // INSEAD
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18 Courses

The MBA is made up of 18 management and leadership courses as Digital Strategy, Disruptive Innovation, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Leading Organizational Change

70 Harvard Cases

The MBA programme is very practical oriented, and you will apply your learnings through more than 70 Harvard cases and challenges from your own organization

Flexible lenght of programme

You can achieve your MBA degree within 16-24 month or more if your situation requires it. You can also pause your studies throughout the programme

World Class Professors

You will be taught by experts and professors from the world's leading business schools as INSEAD, Harvard, MIT and London Business School

Leadership Development

The Executive MBA programme contains leadership training + an individual coaching proces

You are invited for a personal dialogue to discuss your plans for the future and to show you how AVT Business School can help you on your way towards your goals

To arrange for the dialogue, simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly to agree on the exact time of day that suits you best. The available times are anywhere between 09:00 and 19:00

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Please provide your data below and you can download the Executive MBA brochure