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At AVT we do our outmost to share knowledge and insights with you. Therefore we have compiled a collection of resources that you may find inspirational.

Leadership in a Crisis

Jeff Gravenhorst, Former Group CEO, ISS

The way your organization responds and adopts to ‘the new world’ today – will be defining for your future. So how do you balance a current crisis while at the same time scaling your business for a ‘new normal’? And in this dual transformation – how do you balance purpose and profit?

Get the perspectives from – and ask questions to – Group CEO of ISS, Jeff Gravenhorst, who is head of one of the world’s largest private employers and responsible with close to 500.000 employees around the world. Jeff Gravenhorst shares insights on how the corona crisis has impacted a global organization as ISS and what this requires from a leadership perspective. Furthermore, Jeff shares his thoughts on the future workplace and gives his best career advice for future top-leaders.

From record year to pure survival

Carsten Dilling, Bestyrelsesformand, SAS

You are the CEO of a successful company that is about to have a record year. The Corona outbreak shuts down the aircraft sector overnight, forcing you to develop survival scenarios instead. What are you going to do? Hear Carsten discuss how he makes strategic decisions in such a complex environment. Discover which tools SAS’s management used, as well as which projects they initiated, to re-capitalize the company.

Get Carsten’s take on the future of an industry on which we all rely – and ask yourself questions along the road… (Duration: 39 min.)

Communicating in a Crisis

With Speechwriter, Simon Lancaster

Coronavirus has plunged the world into an era of unprecedented anxiety and uncertainty. People are fearful for themselves and their loved ones. Leaders have a duty to communicate carefully in these circumstances, providing a balance between reassurance and reaction, speaking with calm, conviction and clarity.

In this 30 minute webinar, Simon Lancaster set out some principles of effective crisis communication, examining how leaders in business and politics have responded over the last few weeks to the Coronavirus crisis, examining what has worked and what hasn’t.

This will give you reflections to consider your own communication, and whether there is more you could do to protect your employees in mind, body and soul at this difficult time.

Leadership in a Crisis

Lars Rasmussen, Chairman at Coloplast, Lundbeck & Ambu

How do we save our companies from the imminent danger of a crisis, while at the same time keeping an eye on returning to the market place with strength afterwards? How do we mitigate challenges while also looking for opportunities in a new normal? Join this exclusive webinar where we interview one of Denmark’s most succesful top executives, Lars Rasmussen. Lars will share his personal experiences and give his best advice.

In this 30 min. webinar you get the best advice from Lars Rasmussen on how to deal with a Crisis while at the same spotting the potential beyond.

Finding Direction in a Crisis

Don Kieffer, Senior Lecturer from MIT, Sloan School of Management

Businesses must plan for the future, and plans imply that organizations have an idea about what the future looks like. But in these times, our strategies may seem chimerical. Don Kieffer has spent most of his career as COO of Harley Davidson, where he used VISUAL MANAGEMENT in getting his organization ‘on the same page’.

During this 30 minutes webinar, Don will demonstrate how visual management focuses on target setting, accountability and aligning activity. He shares his best tools for Visual Management in order to get everyone ‘on the same page’.

Leadership in a Crisis

Flemming Jensen, CEO, DSB

How do you keep your business functioning during a period of severe uncertainty? And, as a CEO, what thoughts do you have about returning to ‘normal’ after a crisis? Meet the man that keeps DSB on track and hear his thoughts on what “Leadership” entails in today’s world.

Listen to flemming Jensen discuss what it takes to manage an organization on the other side of a crisis. Hear how covid-19 influences his business and his thoughts on what “Leadership” means in these times.

Building Leadership Teams

Ruth Wageman, Harvard University

The demands on those who occupy the top roles of organizations are rapidly out-distancing the capabilities of any single person – no matter how talented. That is why executives are turning to their direct reports for help in meeting the challenges they and their organization face. However, many stumble when creating a leadership team.

Drawing on their study of 120 leadership teams from around the world, Ruth Wageman explains how leaders can put in place certain conditions that increase the chances that a group of people will develop into a superb leadership team.

How to Compete like the World's Most Innovative Leaders

Curtis Lefrandt, HBR Best-selling Author

Great leaders of innovation know that creativity is not enough. They succeed not only on the basis of their ideas, but because they have the vision, reputation, and networks to win the backing needed to commercialize them. It turns out that this quality – called “innovation capital” – is measurably more important for innovation than just being creative. In this session, we share practical tools for building a personal reputation for innovation, garnering attention for ideas and projects, and providing visionary leadership for an organization or a team. Meet HBR best-selling forfatter, Curtis Lefrandt who talks about what separates the worlds most succesfull and innovative leaders from the rest.

Leading and Motivating in a Crisis

Dr. Gabrielle Adams, University of Virginia

We are in the middle of a dramatic change in our working habits. Maintaining motivation and enthusiasm can be difficult, when you don’t know what the future looks like for your organization, your team and your own function. And for many leaders it is only making things more complex when you have to lead remotely – and thereby missing the power of physical presence and group dynamics.

During this 30 minutes webinar, Ass. Professor, Gabrielle Adams, will share her perspectives on how leaders must address this challenge. With her deep seated knowledge of psychological mechanisms, she will share her insights on how you keep your teams and employees motivated and focused on your organizational mission in times of crises and remote workplaces. 

Purpose of a Corporation - beyond Covid-19

Prof. Andrew C. Wicks, Darden Business School

When struggling to survive, corporations are forced to focus on their core business and their core values. In this process it will become more explicit than ever, what is the real purpose of the corporation. Whom are we here to serve? In which way? And why?

In this 30 min. webinar Andrew C. Wicks shares his view on how our corporate actions during this covid-19 situation is shaping the future of our business as well as revealing things about how corporations prioritize when under pressure.

Andrew is a specialist within Business Ethics, and in this interview session he gives his interesting perspectives on how the way corporations respond to the Covid-19 situation will have a determining impact on future business.

Explore Leadership Through 'Another Set of Lenses'

Steve Hall, Leadership Expert

Leadership is about relationships. It is about the relationship we have with ourselves, with others and with the world around us. These relationships are developed by the stories we tell, which are shaped by the way we see the world. Stories surround us everywhere and the heroes and heroines of those stories are right with us in every walk of life. If we choose to look for them they will appear, yet it takes a different kind of looking. If we look at a familiar world with new eyes, we will see these extraordinary people and the lessons they quietly teach us in their everyday living.

When we see through the eyes of the other and find some balance in the view through these differing lenses, we gain clarity and understanding. Is there any better way to build a world together? ‘Another Set of Lenses’ is a book about how adjusting your lenses can make you discover new potential. Steve will share with you a usefull framework on how to do this in your leadership role. Steve Hall, share with you his insights on how to shift your lenses to see the world and your leadership role with a different set of lenses. 

Book talk
Return on ambition

Nicolai Tillisch, HBR Best-selling Author

How do you become highly successful while living a fulfilling life and growing as a person?
Most ambitious people struggle in at least one of these areas, yet they feel they don’t have the tools to improve their situation. The book ‘Return on Ambition’ is the culmination of an ambitious effort to harness insights from recent research in psychology and neuroscience to help people pursue their ambitions more fruitfully. The result is a radical and holistic approach to achievement, growth, and well-being.

#1 Amazon Best-seller in BUSINESS HEALTH & STRESS, and BUSINESS MENTORING & COACHING categories. Recommended by over 20 leading personal development, business, and entrepreneurship authorities. Return on Ambition is an insightful and practical guide for anyone who wants to reach and sustain success and fulfilment. More than 50% of ambitious people struggle with balancing their achievement, growth, and well-being. And 4 out of 10 doubt whether their efforts are worth it. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

The crisis no one saw coming

CEO for Humac, Michael Bech og CEO for Minimum, Steen Engelbrecht

You are the CEO of a highly successful company. You appear to have picked the correct strategy for future growth, and you have the right products on the shelves. Out of nowhere the Corona crisis strikes overnight, and you lose 99% of your revenue…. What are you going to do?

Meet Michael Bech and Steen Engelbrecht, two AVT MBAs and retail CEOs who have been deeply affected by the crisis. In this webinar they discuss how they dealt with the problem openly and honestly.

Adapting your brand today

Prof. Kevin McTigue, Kellogg School of Management

How have the needs of your customers changed during the corona crisis? And does your brand follow? Is you brand still “getting the job done” for your customers?
Meet Professor Kevin McTigue from one of the world’s leading schools within Marketing – Kellogg School of Management.

Kevin will give you his top 5 rules for managing your brand in a crisis and share insights on what will help brands stay successful – both in managing communication to the market, while exploring new ways of creating value for customers.