Masterclass: Simon Lancaster – “CONNECT!” – AFHOLDT

Tuesday November 29th, 8:30-9:45

Simon is one of the world’s top speechwriters – twenty+ years writing speeches for leaders in politics and business, including the CEOs of Unilever, InterContinental Hotels and HSBC. He’s a go-to comms guru, having trained the speechwriters to the last four British prime Ministers.

CONNECT! brings powerful techniques from ancient rhetoric and neuroscience to everyone. The author strongly believes rhetoric should be for everyone – this was the the theme of his 2016 TEDx Verona talk. This book is aimed at entrepreneurs and activists, dreamers and schemers, believers and high achievers. It covers everything from the basics of communication, e.g. overcoming nerves, making small talk, cracking jokes through to more sophisticated techniques such as the art of analogy, the magic of metaphor and how to make a soundbite sizzle.

Read the official press release for Simon’s new book here.

Participation is free-of-charge but there is a limited amount a seating – so don’t forget to sign up!

If you have any questions, feel free to send an e-mail to Mia Nissen Nikolajsen at [email protected].


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