AVT Exclusive – Master Class with Harvard Business Review Press

AVT Business School offers you the unique possibility of meeting Harvard Business Review Press Bestselling authors of:

How Leaders Can Create Value in a New Digital Age

David Furlonger and Christophe Uzureau

Tuesday 21 April 2020, 15:30-18:00 at AVT Business School
Sankt Annæ Plads 11, 1250 København K
The event is postponed due to covid-19
A new date will be announced as soon as possible

Exclusive Master Class: Understand the potential of blockchain technology and how to unleash it

How can you cut through the hype about blockchain and focus on the value that blockchain may unlock? And what will it take to succeed with this new technology?

Although blockchain is an emerging technology, companies are already using its shared and encrypted networks in transformative ways. As blockchain becomes widely adopted, it has the potential to radically change how companies compete.

The authors from Gartner, the worldrenowned research and consulting company, will at this VIP session offer you tips and best practices for using blockchain-inspired solutions to solve problems such as supply chain inefficiency, payment latency, and fraud, as well as strategies for adopting more complete solutions as the technology spreads.

Case examples from companies such as Maersk, UEFA, DTCC, ASX, Banque de France, Renault Nissan Finance, eSports, Taipei Medical University Hospital and Ant Financial will help participants assess the challenges and risks for blockchain development and consider how they can take advantage of blockchain now, and be ready to compete in a radically reshaped competitive landscape.

The session will kick off with a brief intro on the fundamentals of blockchain, so it is not required to have any technical experience with / or deeper understanding of blockchain to participate.

Learn more about Blockchain in this video

About the Authors 

David Furlonger

David Furlonger is a VP and Gartner Fellow who works primarily with CEOs, senior business leaders, and CIOs. His research focus is as a futurist, analyzing how long-term business and technology trends strategically impact industries and organizations. He also coleads Gartner’s blockchain Centre of Excellence. His areas of research include the future of the financial services industry, innovation, digital business, and blockchain. He is an accomplished and frequent keynote speaker and workshop leader with extensive international experience.

Christophe Uzureau

Christophe Uzureau, an analyst at Gartner, advises banks on their digital financial strategies, on how to design payment strategies that accelerate digital banking transformation, and on how technology (blockchain, big data and analytics, AI, and digital platforms) represents an opportunity to generate competitive advantage by reshaping traditional financial value chains. Uzureau is also responsible for covering payment innovations, payment data monetization, and the dematerialization of payments worldwide.

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