Live Webinar: Adapting your Business to a New World

With Jeff Gravenhorst, Group CEO, ISS

The way your organization responds and adopts to ‘the new world’ today – will be defining for your future. So how do you balance a current crisis while at the same time scaling your business for a ‘new normal’? And in this dual transformation – how do you balance purpose and profit?

Get the perspectives from – and ask questions to – Group CEO of ISS, Jeff Gravenhorst, who is head of one of the world’s largest private employers and responsible with close to 500.000 employees around the world.

The session will be conducted in English – and attendance is free of charge.

See the recordings from the webinar via this link

Who is Jeff Gravenhorst?
Jeff has been the Group CEO of ISS since 2010*. He started his ISS career back in 2002 as CFO of the UK operation and became Group CFO in 2005. Furthermore, Jeff is the Chairman of Ramboll Group and the Chairman of the Confederation of Danish Industry’s (DI) Permanent Committee on Business Policies and part of AVT’s CEO Advisory Board.

*On May 18th Jeff Gravenhorst announced that he retires and steps down as the CEO of ISS.

Further info: If you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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