AVT Book Talk with author, Steve Hall

We do what we do because we see what we see...

Leadership is about relationships. It is about the relationship we have with ourselves, with others and with the world around us. These relationships are developed by the stories we tell, which are shaped by the way we see the world.

Stories surround us everywhere and the heroes and heroines of those stories are right with us in every walk of life. If we choose to look for them they will appear, yet it takes a different kind of looking. If we look at a familiar world with new eyes, we will see these extraordinary people and the lessons they quietly teach us in their everyday living.

When we see through the eyes of the other and find some balance in the view through these differing lenses, we gain clarity and understanding. Is there any better way to build a world together?
'Another Set of Lenses’ is a book about how adjusting your lenses can make you discover new potential. Steve will share with you a usefull framework on how to do this in your leadership role.

About Steve Hall

Steve Hall was educated at St Stithians College and then spent two years in the South African Air Force. This experience more than any other fascinated him to study what makes human beings behave the way they do, and so he completed a Bachelor of Social Sciences, majoring in Politics and Economics. After a year and a half in advertising and marketing with Ogilvy and Mather, and Liqui-Fruit in Cape Town, he headed around the world where he worked on emu farms in Australia, an expedition and training company in China called ‘I Will Not Complain’, and the Covey Leadership Centre in Utah, USA. It was this opportunity which ignited his passion for learning about Leadership, and he spent the next stage of his life training wonderfully diverse groups of people throughout Africa and abroad using the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” as a robust framework. Steve lived half of his life in old South Africa and the other half in the era of Nelson Mandela. This has taught him how a change mindset and a new set of lenses can help us discover unforeseen potential around us.

Are you ready to challenge your Set of Lenses?

Then join us at this insightful webinar September 9 from 9:00-9:45. If you are unable to attend the LIVE webinar, you can still sign up and we will send you the recordings of the session afterwards.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email: info@avt.dk

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